Being Mom and Being Dad is a high, endless calling that requires not only that you are physically present and providing for one or more other little (or big) human but that you do also have your heart worn daily upon their scraped knees, bicycle balancing, broken friendships, top achievements, disappointments, first loves and heartbreaks. We check on their breathing when they are asleep and upon their hearts over washing dishes just before hunting for missing socks and ironing out sibling quarrels.

It it a beautiful, relentless, breathtaking, awe inspiring, heartbreaking, all your soul taking, calling that giving birth to these little people has poured upon us. Yet if we do not stop, and fill our own tanks not only will we crash and burn but we take down our little people with us too.

At The Parent Heart we value rest, restoration, exploration and play – for you – the Big People. So keep popping in here to see what we have for you to not only grow your little people so that they are able to live their lives to the full – but so that you too, can embrace and enjoy this wild adventure called Being Adult.

Take a moment today to be thankful and feel the blessing of having the gift of today.

All I am in Christ Freedom Journal

Use scripture to reveal, reflect, meditate and prayerfully establish the deep truths about who Christ redeemed you to be in him.

Thanks Giving Journal (coming soon)

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