Feeling confused and lonely on your child’s educational journey? Book a private consult with Joanne (in-person or online) to discuss alternative educational options and how you can best help your child reach their full potential.

Alternative Educational Workshop / Consult – This workshop / consults explores alternative education. We look at the different systems, methods, philosophies. We explore what home education is as well as how best an alternative education may suit your child. We cover every possible question you may have from sport to socialization to finance and the all important “what about matric.” For a more detailed discussion on school exit you can book for the Alternative School Exit Workshop / Consult

Alternative School Exit Workshop / Consult – This is a session fully dedicated to you 15 to 19 year old. We look at the various exit options available in South Africa and how these choices would affect your child’s future studies, career and being all they were created to be.

Gentle Living Education Workshop – This is a full morning workshop on Charlotte Mason. We explore her philosophy, methods, pillars of education and how adopting her methodology not only provides for an in depth education but it also equips your child with the many skills they need to become an upstanding citizen and future leader of their life spheres.

Contact us at theparentheart@gmail.com to enquire about your private consult.