Apart from homeschooling their own children, both Joanne and Neil have taught in public schools and started and run an alternative education facility. This page offers you a variety of links and insight into various alternative educational resources and insights.

The world is changing and with it our children’s education needs to change too. They need to be able to cope in this new, race paced, rapidly changing world. In order to equip our little people to be great leaders of the future we can help them grow in character and skills from toddlerhood up through into their teen years.

With all this in mind you are able to book personal consults with Joanne to discuss alternative educational options to see which would suit your own personal family needs.

In addition to this those with little people – who are wanting to introduce them to the world of reading – right from birth, The Parent Heart hosts workshops on Pre-reading skills development for parents of children from birth up and then Learn to Read for parents of older toddlers / children.

We are very excited to be launching our Reading Buds reading club in Fish Hoek.

This will serve in assisting parents / nannies in equipping our littlest people with all the pre reading skills they need to ensure a successful reading adventure once they embark upon formal learning. We do also offer lessons for children pulling at the reigns and wanting to learn to read and finally we offer support to those needing an extra boost and reading assistance with weekly lessons as well as a comprehensive, personalised home program.

Book a workshop or consult with The Parent Heart to find out how to implement this into your lives.

Have a look at The Family Feast to find great reading resources and an early years program for young children