In life, you can be trained and prepared for most things – however as every child is different nothing ever fully prepares you for parenting. Having said that, there are certain principles that, when applied to parenting can make life with your children that much easier and a whole lot more fun. A The Parent Heart we run workshops that speak to the heart of family and parenting. Theses workshops are held in person or online and will give you practical handles on parenting.

Workshops you can book:

  • Real Life Learning
  • Family Principles
  • Ready, Steady, Read Workshop
  • Time to Read
  • Alternative Educational Consults – including homeschool information and alternative ways to exit “matric”.
  • A Gentle Living Education Workshop

Real Life Learning – This workshop looks at how our children can learn not only academics but character, knowledge, skills and wisdom through partaking in real everyday life.

Parenting and Family Principles – No one prepares one for the journey into parenting and often it’s only when crisis looms that one seeks out help or when one stands bewildered at a dysfunctional situation does one ask – where did it all go wrong? However when it comes to parenting, few choose to consider the road ahead, choose to set up vision and plot and plan the way to get there. This workshop looks at the end and works back to the present equipping you with skills and tools to take along with you as you embark upon this spectacular journey called parenthood.

Ready, Steady, Read Workshop – This workshop is for all parents with children ranging from new born to 6 year olds not yet reading. It’s an exciting workshop that equips you to ensure your child has all their pre reading skills well developed before they begin reading. The highlight being that most of these can simply be drawn into your everyday life without costing you much effort or finance – just simply intentionality.

Time to Read – This is a follow on from Ready, steady Read and it equips you with the tools and methods of how to introduce your child into the world of reading.

Alternative Educational Workshop / Consult – This workshop / consults explores alternative education. We look at the different systems, methods, philosophies. We explore what home education is as well as how best an alternative education may suit your child. We cover every possible question you may have from sport to socialisation to finance and the all important “what about matric.” For a more detailed discussion on school exit you can book for the Alternative School Exit Workshop / Consult

Alternative School Exit Workshop / Consult – This is a session fully dedicated to you 15 to 19 year old. We look at the various exit options available in South Africa and how these choices would affect your child’s future studies, career and being all they were created to be.

Gentle Living Education Workshop – This is a full morning workshop on Charlotte Mason. We explore her philosophy, methods, pillars of education and how adopting her methodology not only provides for an in depth education but it also equips your child with the many skills they need to become an upstanding citizen and future leader of their life spheres.