Who We Are

The Parent Heart Organisation was birthed by Neil and Joanne who have a passion for families to be strengthened. For families to grow and thrive with each child living their life to the full, knowing Jesus as their personal saviour and growing up to reach the God given potential that each has been given. And so The Parent Heart was founded.

Neil and Joanne have 7 children , the eldest has finished her schooling and is about to be married whilst the youngest hasn’t yet started school. They have large age gaps (know what it is like to have an only child – and desperately want more), very close age gaps, have had miscarriages, twins, children who have been labeled gifted and others who have battled, children who have needed little parenting and others who have stretched their imagination on all parenting fronts. This unique age gap as well as the diverse personalities and learning styles has allowed Neil and Joanne to experience many different situations, which allows them to relate to many parents and their realities they are facing. They have both taught in schools, tutored and run online classes, run a cottage school and yet they have homeschooled their children. All these gives them a diverse understanding into the different worlds of education.

Above all Neil and Joanne and their family love Jesus passionately and want to be available to run along side other families to share their story to spur others onto all God has called their family into.

You can follow their family blog here.

Neil and Joanne with 6 of their children.
(the eldest is living on her own and is about to be married)
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