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You can receive training to do your job, drive a car, cook food, or do your hobby – but parenthood is something that has to be done with no training. Every child is different, so even if you think you have this parenting thing sorted, when the next one comes along you will probably find yourself relearning a whole lot of stuff.

Having said that, there are some things that through experience and learning, The Parent Heart  have found are essential to parenting and good family life. There are a number of training options:

parenting workshop

Parenting workshop

If you attend the parenting workshop, be prepared to have your mindset shifted – in a good way!

The broad topics of “the will”, “habits” and “home atmosphere” will be covered. The hands on approach will mean that you go home with a plan. 

Private parenting coaching

One on one parenting coaching by a parent coach. 

Life coaching – children and parents

Life coaching for parents and children…

Identity boards

  • Parenting workshops
  • Private parenting coaching  
  • Life coaching – children and parents
  • Family vision session
  • Art and craft healing and vision session
  • Music healing and vision session
  • Dream boards
  • Identity boards
  • Family vision session
  • Study skills
  • Doodling                

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