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Fathers are called to be providers – which is a privilege and a God given desire in all men. However, in this modern day and age of global economies dads who are in business often find themselves away from their families for short, or extended periods of time.

I have the privilege of being a “work from home” dad, and once or twice a week I need to go into the office. However, on occasion I am called to go further away from the family than the half hour it takes me to get back from the office (or 30 seconds it takes me to climb the back stairs to the house). So, in my limited experience of business travel, here is my two cents worth on how I stayed connected with the family.

It is not a huge ground-breaking philosophy, and it does not come from years of study into the topic. It is simply what I did.

As much as modern technology allows one to fly to other parts of the country or the world in what would have taken weeks or years in the days of old, modern technology also allows you to stay connected. Cell phones and all the communication apps that are out there can let you share the ups and downs of your day with your family.

So, for example, I sent a photo of the plane and the train I was going on to the family at home. My 4 year old was dancing around the house because “Daddy is going on a train…!” How awesome is that, even though you are not at home, you can still share your daily life with your wife and kids.

So my simple advise is to not forget those at home, but include them in your travels and day. In the days of old, when the father used to come home from the lands with a news of a bumper crop – that was cause for celebration. And when drought hit and the crops were wiped out, the family shared in the pain that he felt – nothing has changed. Let your wife know where you are at – your wins (and losses). She is a part of you, she feels your pain, and celebrates your victories. Just because you are physically away from home, it does not mean that the emotions need to leave too.

I am aware, however, that I have limited experience in travelling away from the family. I would love to hear other dad’s experiences and what they do to stay connected.

Stay connected…

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